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Hiring Marketers for a Startup

February 3rd, 2010

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Interviewing developers is much easier than interviewing marketers

But still, you do need a marketing team (and a good one of course) and above all you want to be fair in deciding whom to hire.

Questions/conditions for hiring developers are quite straightforward. They either know or they don’t – do they solve problems easily? Do they say the right things? Do they know what they’re doing? Selecting developers is more towards the objective side while hiring marketers is more subjective.

Here are a few tips for hiring that ‘dream marketing team’:

Active on Social Media
Does he have a decent amount of followers on Twitter? Can she get people to become a fan of your startup product/service on Facebook? Is she an active content writer or does he have a separate marketing blog? Yes, ask these questions and make sure they’re ‘virtually active’ before hiring them.

A startup operates in an ever-changing environment. Product, expectations, definition of a customer changes almost everyday, and marketing strategies must be invented and reinvented frequently. You need someone who is modest enough to accept what he doesn’t know and be motivated to work on it.

Someone who is detail-oriented
A big NO to someone who thinks they know everything. Willingness to learn and attention to detail is a key characteristic of a marketer.

Measuring the effectiveness of a marketing effort at an early stage of a startup can be somewhat unreasonable. Don’t hire anyone who thinks like that. Make sure the person believes in measuring efforts (of any kind) and is willing to take responsibility of success or failure.

Mutual Respect with developers
Developers and marketers don’t get along too well – a belief (I disagree though) many have. Make sure that the developers have a sense of respect for what the marketer is doing and they like him/her.
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Star Employees – Hire them & Keep them

January 18th, 2010

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The staff of any business/startup can be divided into three categories; A, B and C. The people belonging to “category A” – the extraordinaire and really talented people are the ones every business wants to keep. A huge problem arises when the “A players” decide to quit and the company goes haywire in trying to keep them from resigning. Suddenly star treatment is provided and all sorts of promises about the future are made to them. But does this work? Will the A star worker not resign?

After reaching a saturation point where you feel under-appreciated or mistreated, an employee will leave regardless of any newly created incentive. The star treatment and incentives aren’t enough to hold back the employee. Instead identify such employees from the beginning and keep them motivated and happy.

The article below is a great read and talks about first hand experience of an entrepreneur:

Don’t roll out the red carpet on the way out the door, but roll the red carpet inside the organization.