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E-mail Pitching

April 28th, 2010

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All of us know that face-to-face interactions though preferable, are not always possible. Therefore one goes for ‘email pitching’ – the written form of pitch.Investors are overloaded with a huge array of emails and to get their attention you should craft your email in such a way that you hold the interest of the reader.

Be sure that you make the same effort with an e-mail that you would in a face-to-face meeting. E-mail pitches should be formal and professional.

Below are some tips for writing a pitch letter via email;

1. Understand your audience and make sure you know who the recipient is

2. Include pictures and images to make it more visually attractive. Don’t forget file size limitations though

3. Have a signature with all possible information – email, Twitter account, Skype name etc.

4. Be precise in your emails. Emphasize on meeting up and follow up comments. 

For more insight to this matter, have a look at this post on RWW.

attachments like resumes and press releases are sometimes appropriate; you should give a quick introduction to yourself at the beginning of an email.


How to Deal with Rejection

March 31st, 2010

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Investors and entrepreneurs may not always have the same needs and motivations, hence it’s a common phenomenon that investors might reject your startup idea because it’s not a right fit for them. It is important for both parties to know how to deal with this rejection.

One suggestion here to entrepreneurs is to never ask for referrals. When your pitch is rejected, the worst thing you can do is ask for a referral. It won’t work in a professional business context. The venture capital community is a very close-knit group that has a high amount of trust and reliability in one another, so it is quite irrelevant to ask for a referral. Entrepreneurs should be careful with this.

Just as the entrepreneurs, investors need to know how to deal with a rejection as well. Following “honesty is the best policy” approach will be the best here. Be clear, concise and honest to startups. Entrepreneurs, on the other side of the table should take rejection for what it is, and not push back for a referral.

A note to startup entrepreneurs – don’t take rejection personally ever. And don’t forget to look on the bright side of a rejection; something better is waiting for you always.

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Bijan Sabet suggests. Sabet says that had he not been turned down for his first job application, he may not have found himself where he his today, both professionally with becoming an investor, and personally with meeting his wife.

Bringing Startups & Angel Investors together by Venture Hacks

February 10th, 2010

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Venture Hacks recently launched a new project aiming to bring startups and angel investors closer.

Venture hacks launched
AngelList which is a basic directory of around 80 established angel investors including their contact info and key information like what they’re looking for in a startup etc. The members of AngelList will receive weekly updates from Startuplist (the second project launched by Venture Hacks).

StartupList will be a great boon for all startups looking for angel investors. So if you’re a startup looking for early investment and you have no idea how to get to potential investors then this project is definitely for you. To get on the list you need to apply here.

Venture Hacks will send weekly emails featuring three startup pitches to some of Silicon Valley’s most respected angel investors.

Kudos to Venture Hacks. Great effort and all the best