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Google Adwords Announces CPA Based Product Listing Ads

November 13th, 2009

more-checks-for-googleGoogle is floating a new CPA (cost per action) model for Adwords advertisers who target US cities and states. If you are one such advertiser, just open up an account with Google Merchant Center and include as much information as possible for your products like accurate descriptions, images and price.

Merchants who have large product inventories now do not need to create ads. Just do your basic keyword research and determine the ones for which you want to show your ad. You pay only for the results and as the ads are charged on a CPA (cost per action) basis rather than CPC (cost per click). Thus, risks are lesser and a lot of time will be saved too as the advertisers can just update the merchant center with relevant information (and possibly keywords).

Currently, product listing ads are available only to a handful of advertisers but should open shortly for all advertisers across USA and may be other countries too. Read more…