So what are your competitors doing on social platform?

Social Media PlatformsSites likes Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are high up in the sky and crowd is madly following this trend. What drives me up the wall is people chasing rats race to enhance their “Fans”, “Likes” and “Tweets”. But trust me; all these actions won’t magically generate business. In fact, once you dive more into social arena you’ll find some awesome stuff waiting for you.
Let’s talk about startups for an example. This clique is trying every hot tactic to improve their sales graph and pummel BIG guys out there. Besides branding and networking, they are fabulously using social platform to get a leg up on their competition. And this makes perfect sense. I think nothing could be better than using social network design to get a picture of your market and competitor.
Here is a quick rundown on how your business could gain competitive edge over social countdown:

Delve into your competitor’s actions

Social Media provides you a window to look-see what your competitors are engaged in. I don’t believe in following their footstep but learning from others mistake is always a smart decision.

Have an “X” factor

Your customer buys from your competitors because of low price. So how will you persuade them? Here’s a quick shot.
Be a friend rather than to be a business owner. Reply to their threads, participate in their discussion and enhance your engagement. Afterall, it’s easy to gain confidence by being a helping hand to someone.

Be in News

I always remember famous faces being talked about in daily news. Don’t you? I am sure you too. Inform your customers about new products, produce more content to facilitate their engagement and ask for the feedbacks. These essentials will surely power-up your social media strategy.

Tier your customers

There should always be a thin line difference between your existing and new customers. Show value to your regular prospect while trying to acquire novel niche.
I can come up with numerous other reasons which prove that social media presence is no longer an option. Trust me, your time spent on social arena will pay you more than you expect.
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