Social Media Icons and Web Design

No, Social Media is not a fad and it is here to say. I am sure most of you have realized how businesses and startups are leveraging various social media tools to promote, engage customers, build relationships, to generate leads, for customer service, PR issues and so on.

So we do understand the importance of social media, and incorporating it into a web design. It is important to get the viewers attention to social media links and for that you need a good strategy and phenomenal design. To design good call-to-action social media icons you need to think about style, size, positioning and approach etc. You need the attention of your viewers without distracting them from the actual website content. Your social media icons should be easily locatable and recognizable.

Feel free to get in touch with us for inspiring Web 2.0 design social media icons

Here are a few social media icons for inspiration; 

Social Media Icon









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