Quick Tips on Raising Startup Funding

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1.Communicate your Leverage Point

Let people know what you can do ‘differently’. Entrepreneurs should talk about their capital efficiency. Probably you are doing some work cheaper than others or you have access to a group of customers – think of any leverage point you have and flaunt it.

2.Communicate through a story

People find stories interesting and exciting. There was this problem and I thought this product would be perfect. Know more about the idea and your product and have a good story with it.

3.Accept that your Startup may have flaws

Every startup has one issue or the other in the early days and accept these issues. Don’t spend time convincing others why your startup is like this or like that. Spend that energy in explaining what your startup may grow up as.

4.Plan Small and Dream Big

In the early days you can’t be extravagant and you need to explain this to be funded properly.

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Even though I know an idea is likely going to take more cash than the entrepreneur things, I prefer backing people that believe they can do it with little cash and try to do so.  As Josh said, learn to fail cheaper

  1. Rituraj on May 11th, 2010 at 11:27 | #1

    you pointed out few very good points in fund raising. I would like to add one more point in this. I find exit strategy as one important point in fund raising. It may look strange to you but if you talk about this in front of investor then investor knows that how much you are prepared and how much confidence you have in your self.

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