The Top 10 Most Tempting Categories for Startups

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Creative Commons License photo credit: nosha

I came across a great post written by Dharmesh Shah recently where he described the most luring categories startup founders are attracted to. Following is the list of applications he lists as the ‘most attractive’ for startups;

1.Project Management / Time Tracking / Bug Tracing – Neat Web 2.0 application development for better organizing and tracking. Basecamp anyone?

2.Social Networking Websites – Recognize your specialization or area of interest and launch a social networking website with that theme.

3.Social Voting/Reviews – Websites to rate or review food, restaurants, wines or anything.

4.Discussion Forums

5.Aggregation/Filter Websites – Applications to bookmark/filter excess information

6.Content Management – Mashable or TechCrunch

7.Dating and Match-Making

8.Music/Events Location Application


10.Personal Information Management

Can startups be more innovative?

For any kind of design or development for the concepts mentioned above, feel free to get in touch with us at Vinfotech.

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