Registering your Startup

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The whole idea of registering a business sounds more obligatory than important? If your answer to the question is yes, then its time to change your outlook and here is why:

The process of registration compels you to think about the basic issues that are included in your business plan. Don’t mistake the registration process to be a formal obligation and avoid rushing into it. Matters such as trademark disputes, legal snags, costly name changes or tax problems may come up later if you don’t take registering your startup seriously. Be inquisitive, work around it and give your 100 percent when it comes to registering any business.

A few points to keep in mind;

1. Beware of trademark issues – will somebody sue you for using that name? Check availability of domain names, consult registries etc.

2. Choose your structure – you need to declare your business/startup in form of an entity (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or limited liability company)

3. Obtain Tax ids

4. File registration/Permits – The government will keep a track of businesses and tax through this. You need to pay fee and fulfill certain jurisdiction procedures.

5. Some businesses have additional requirements like planning, regulatory agencies or professional agencies.

Try adding value to the venture buy researching all around the process.

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