Bringing Startups & Angel Investors together by Venture Hacks

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Creative Commons License photo credit: lumaxart

Venture Hacks recently launched a new project aiming to bring startups and angel investors closer.

Venture hacks launched
AngelList which is a basic directory of around 80 established angel investors including their contact info and key information like what they’re looking for in a startup etc. The members of AngelList will receive weekly updates from Startuplist (the second project launched by Venture Hacks).

StartupList will be a great boon for all startups looking for angel investors. So if you’re a startup looking for early investment and you have no idea how to get to potential investors then this project is definitely for you. To get on the list you need to apply here.

Venture Hacks will send weekly emails featuring three startup pitches to some of Silicon Valley’s most respected angel investors.

Kudos to Venture Hacks. Great effort and all the best

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