Synapp6: A Shift Scheduling Web Tool

July 16th, 2013 in Web2.0

Synapp6 - A Web 2.0 Tool by VinfotechVinfotech designed and developed this shift scheduling web tool to help businesses increase productivity. Creating and managing schedules makes it easier for both the employees and the employers to work more effectively and improve communication among each other. Vinfotech laid special focus on designs and came out with brilliant UI designs. 

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Bmbleb: Data Storage Simplified!Bmbleb: Data Storage Simplified!

July 8th, 2013 in Web2.0

Bmbleb - A SaaS Based Magento Plugin by VinfotechBmbleb is a product of, once a startup that has gone a long way since it was launched. Vinfotech designed the fully integrated SaaS based Magento plug-in - bmbleb to make it more intuitive and easy to use. A beautiful brand website for bmbleb was also created.

Bmbleb finds, stores, organizes and makes accessible huge volumes of data like customer data augmentation, alerts, collective intelligence, auto data sync, deep Ecommerce integration, analytics etc. which it delivers to Magento e-commerce users subscribing to their services. They in turn leverage this large data to create more sales opportunities for their businesses. 

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Revosys: A Great E-Commerce Platform

July 5th, 2013 in Web2.0

Revosys - An E-Commerce PlatformRevosys Inc. is a manufacturer of Taxi Tablets, Taxi Interactive Systems, Taxi Payment Systems, and Open Frame LCD displays for various industries. The website is driven by a strong PHP based Content Management System, named E-Commerce template. To maintain the modern web 2.0 look and feel, a lot of amendments have been made into the CMS. Vinfotech designed and developed the website keeping in mind the current industry needs to better e-commerce experience for the users. 

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Keepmyxray: A Perfect Medical Imaging Solution

Medical Imaging SolutionMedical Imaging is one of the most important chapters of healthcare IT and is a perfect example of how technology and healthcare can merge together to create something wonderful.  The healthcare industry has a huge demand for solutions that require complex image data management and vinfotech has designed and developed keeping in mind the concepts of great UI and user-friendliness for the prospective users.

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Zonengage: An Engaging Activity Based Social Network

July 3rd, 2013 in Social Network

Zonengage - Location and Activity based Social NetworkZonengage is a dynamic activity based social network that aims to connect people with the same interests in a certain location. The portal helps you socialize with other people who share the same interests with you. If you love a certain sport, you can connect with others who love the sport on Zonengage and similarly you can connect with people who have the same hobbies as you in your location. The portal sports a great UI design and has been enjoying a fair bit of success in the last few years. 

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TimeFix: An Effective Appointment Booking App

Timefix - Web based Application for Online Appointment BookingTime Fix is one of its kind online reservation system to help you schedule and keep your appointments. Offered as a SaaS, businesses can simple set up their profiles and calendars allowing the users to book appointments online. The application was create by Vinfotech keeping in mind the ease of operation for the users. The application is now live with a lot of users all over the world using the application. 

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InkSmash: A Unique Content Sharing Experience

InkSmash - A Network to Create and Share ContentInksmash is a great platform for those who wish to create a stir with their words and make a difference. The website offers a great platform to artists and writers to get together and share their thoughts in the way that they like. Right from videos to images, you can simply have share everything and get noticed with your peers around the world.

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Brilliant Menu: Putting Your Dinners at Ease

Brilliant Menu - Putting Your Dinners at EaseHave you been struggling to provide your customers with quick service and a good dining experience? Your solution is in a simple piece of technology. Brilliant Menu is a customizable iPad based menu application that gives the customers a simple way to go through the menu and simple order their meal and drinks using an iPad. With all menu items at the customer's fingertips, wait staff can focus on bettering their services and making sure that the customers get a great service.

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Make Retail Easy with Placement View

Placement View - A Simple Data Driven Software SolutionPlacement View is a front-line web and mobile app to create point of sale data and accountability, making the retail manager’s work easy. The application helps the sales brigade to update everything related to the data in various stores around the city. The sales reps can also be allocated tasks on the go itself by the sales managers and can update the status of the work being done by them. They can also upload pictures of products sitting in the stores and get feedback from the sales manager on the move. 

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Oppopicks: Betting Recommendation the Effective Way

Oppopicks Betting Analysis Web AppBetting comes with a lot of risk and Oppopicks helps you lower this risk by helping you better your chances of winning. The simple concept is that you place bets opposite of what the consistent losers have been placing. If someone has been losing money consistently, it makes sense to place a bet opposite to his bets and Oppopicks provides you the very data of the bad betters out there. So, losers are not good for nothing always! 

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